More Events Are Using Facebook As An Alternative Tickets Sales Channel

January 15, 2012

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Selling tickets on Facebook is a natural step towards providing a service (selling tickets) where the users are already present (Facebook is expected to reach 1 billion users by August 2012, link). Most big online ticketing platforms (Eventbrite, Amiando, Ticketea) already offer the possibility to add a ticket module to Facebook pages and I’ve came across quite a few events using them.


While it’s too early to say if Facebook is an effective channel to sell tickets, it seems rather obvious that it has a big potential in becoming an important sales channel for events:

  • Right now Facebook is used mostly used as a communications channel, helping spread the word about an event (either through people that post to their timelines a mention/link to a particular event or because the organizer posts news to the event’s Facebook page) than a direct sales channel, so don’t expect big sales immediately. Users have to get used to having the possibility of buying tickets directly in the Facebook page
  • Trust: would you prefer to buy an expensive ticket (e.g.: 1,000+ USD) on Facebook or would you rather buy it on the event’s page, especially if it’s a corporate event? Cheaper tickets (e.g.: less than 50 USD) probably don’t suffer from this trust issue
  • Regarding the previous point, it might be just a matter of time until most people feel comfortable buying inside Facebook
  • Facebook is rapidly becoming a sort of parallel Internet, with users spending most of their online experience inside of it. For your event -especially if it targets a young audience- being on Facebook is a must, selling tickets on it will become it too
  • Findability 1: selling on Facebook should not be your only ticket sales channel as there’s still many people not on Facebook yet or who use it on a rare basis
  • Findability 2: another reason to have an alternative ticket sales channel is that search engines like Google are not always good at indexing specific Facebook pages, so potential attendees might not find the ticket sales page as easy as the one in your own website.
The cost of installing the ticketing module on your event’s Facebook page is zero, so it’s worth trying anyway. 


Examples of tickets sales inside Facebook Pages


Online ticketing on a Facebook page using Amiando


Online ticketing on a Facebook page using Eventbrite

Concert tickets on sale on Ticketea's Facebook page


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