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February 27, 2012

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Martin ThornkvistMartin (twitter, blog) is the Program Director and Market Analyst of Media Evolution’s The Conference, taking place every year in Malmo, Sweden. A music expert and producer, he aims to evolve the media landscape by envisioning a bright future and creating a meeting place for the main industry players to gather and collaborate.

  • Name: Martin Thörnkvist
  • Role: Media Market Analyst / Program Director – Media Evolution / Media Evolution The Conference
  • Upcoming event: Media Evolution The Conference, August 22-23 2012
  • Since when are you in the event biz: This is my second year
  • Before that?: I run a record label –Songs I Wish I Had Written– and have been involved in a magazine, a festival and some clubs. I’ve been debating the future of the music business both in Sweden and globally, trying to get the industry to understand that they need to listen to their customers instead of flighting and suing them.
  • How did you get into this industry: I guess I did something right thinking about the music industry and was hired by Media Evolution, which has been organizing a media conference for eight years. In 2011, as newly appointed Program Director, I took some bold decisions to internationalize and expand it and it turned out really well. I think I have the best job in the world!
  • What would you change of the event industry? There should be more cooperation between events. We have some great partnerships but I would love to develop them further and collaborate with more organizations around the world. Also, I think it’s increasingly important to invite participants to set the program. Listen to potential customers to learn what they want and to tap in to the contacts they have. We do that with workshops and an open “Facebook advisory group

Martin Thörnkvist

  • Something new you’ll be doing at your next event: We will revamp how we work with our unconference track, letting people pitch their ideas on our website during the spring and having the participants vote before the conference starts. We will also add master classes on the day before the conference for those who want to dig deeper into a particular topic.
  • Biggest challenge for your next event: To have 50% female speakers on stage (last year it was 39% in total and 50% of the keynotes) and to welcome more international delegates. We are also trying to sell out a bigger venue. Last year the event was sold out with 650 participants, this year we’re aiming for 900.
  • Past accomplishment you’re most proud of? Being sold out (!) two weeks before the event and hearing lot’s of nice words from participants and speakers. It’s truly inspiring to work hard for something and the see it getting well received. I think that meeting places, such as ours, are very important for the different media industries to take big steps forward and envisioning a flourishing future.
  • Best networking tool? It’s a bit dull, but I believe in name tags. The bigger the name on the badge, the easier it is for people who doesn’t know each other to start talking. I’m also a big fan of roundtable discussions, put a hot topic on the table and invite people with different backgrounds. Exchange of ideas will happen and people will pitch themselves without actually talking about themselves. In a discussion people just show what they are good at, making new connections and collaborations happen.
  • An event you admireTransmission in Victoria (Vancouver), Canada.
  • Hobbies: I just started to practice tennis. My forehand is improving faster than I’ve ever learned something else. Love it.
  • Contact:, mobile +46 704-690170

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