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April 24, 2012

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Harald Neidhardt (Linkedin, Twitter, Tumblr) is quite a character, a curious mind by default, who created MLOVE and the MLOVE ConFestival, an innovative mix between a festival and a conference that today is having its first US edition in Monterey, California. The event also takes place in Harald’s native Germany (Berlin) and Japan (Tokyo).

MLOVE stands for the cross- pollination of Mobile with advertising, automotive, fashion, retail, many other industries and human behavior during as aspects of our day: Mobile becomes a remote control to our lives.


Harald Neidhardt


Founder & Chief Curator of MLOVE

What is MLOVE?

MLOVE is a mix of a conference and a festival, we call it ConFestival. We are bringing together inspiring thought leaders from different industries that are all going to be disrupted by change of Mobile.

We keep the number of participants small (not more than 250) and the engagement level high, including open space and personal passion stories. And the end of 2 days and 3 nights MLOVE culminates in Future Cubes, a war room of ideas that provide ample time to reflect on the inspiring speeches with your peers and the speakers.

Two events have been held in a castle south of Berlin in 2010 and 2011, this year we are adding Monterey, CA (USA) and Tokyo, Japan.

Who attends Mlove?

Mobile thought leaders, visionaries, start-up entrepreneurs and innovators interested in the future of mobile from various industries, like music, advertising, mobility / connected cars, retail, telecoms and many more

Upcoming event

MLOVE ConFestival Monterey, April 24-26, 2012

Since when are you in the event biz?


Before that?

Since 2005 co-founder and CMO of Smaato Inc (San Francisco), currently on sabbatical; before that created and managed digital agencies in Hamburg, New York, London and Paris

How did you get into the event industry?

I love events and wanted to create my dream conference for the future of mobile: a mix between TED and Burning Man. I feel there is a void for inspiring and very interactive formats for trend and future events, conference and festival at the same time: the MLOVE ConFestival.

What would you change of the event industry?

Get out of boring Hotels and windowless basements, stop the power-pointing boredom, find cooler locations that inspire and keep participants surprised and engaged. Include visual thinking and visual recording and provide ample time for networking and fun.

Something new you’ll be doing at your next event

Adding a cool location right on the Pacific in beautiful Asilomar conference grounds in Monterey, CA plus a musical experience not to be missed. Visual thinking workshops (“MLOVE Future cubes”) and visual recording of keynotes.

Biggest challenge for your next event

Coordinating speakers, ticket sales and sponsorships right in time for the USA mostly remotely from Hamburg, Germany where most of the team is based.

Past accomplishment you’re most proud of

Being called the “TED for Mobile” by Contagious Magazine, all of the amazing speakers and the active alumni body around the world that keep the inspiration very much alive

Best networking tool

Serendipity, openness and looking up from your phone when you are in a room full of amazing peers and your chance to get to know new people right then and there…

An event you admire

TED, Burning Man, SXSW


Photography, travel and inspiring people and friendships

Contact Info; M +49-160-94477555; skype: hneidhardt

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