2012 Social Media & Events Report by Amiando

July 25, 2012

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Online ticketing company Amiando just published the 2012 edition of their Social Media & Events Report with research and tips on how the event industry is using social networks. The paper is divided in a research section on how are event organizers using social media for their events and a “How to” section with stats on the main Social Media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc) and a series of stats, tips, best practices and suggested tools.

You can download the free report here.

Follow a series of highlights and comments from the report.

Highlights and Comments

Highlights and statistics are from the report. Comments and opinions are my own.

Social media has moved beyond private use or a niche reach (Facebook almost 1 billion users, 170 million tweets are sent every day and event Google+ now reports to have around 170 million users).

The report bases its findings on a survey with about 1,000 event organizers. A few things you should note: the respondents were 60% male while in my experience a big majority of people in the event industry tend to be female (for sure the most capable I’ve ever met or worked with were women). This audience was mainly from German-speaking countries (60% were from Germany, Austria and Switzerland) and just 10% from the rest of Europe and another, 10% from North and South America (other countries: 20%).

  • 72% of the respondents consider social media as important or somehow important as a marketing instrument for event organizers. Facebook is the most frequently used social media channel (84%), followed by Twitter (61%). The survey shows that there is a great interest in Google+, which in my opinion is not yet ineffective channel (some would say it’s a sterile place filled with personal profiles), except for some specific niches.
  • 78% of respondents plan on increasing their social media activities in the future, which to me means that the amount of social media “noise” is surely bound to increase (more people promoting more stuff), subsequently diminishing the returns of social media activities (while the global results would still be positive).
  • These event organizers use social media mainly to raise awareness about individual events (70%) and the brand (70%), and to increase customer loyalty (65%).
  • It’s alarming that while 72% of those surveyed consider social media a key instrument, only few measure the results of their actions. The report shows that only 39% of these people use monitoring tools (seemingly, 50% use nothing at all).

The report answers also other questions like:

  • How much content do you publish each week on social media platforms?
  • What are your Social Media goals?
  • Which factors are preventing you from harnessing the potential of social media?
  • Are you using monitoring tools to observe social media channels and track the success of your activities?
  • Which monitoring instruments are you using to observe social media activities?
  • How do these results compare with an analogous 2011 research

A final note: Amiando was acquired by professional social network Xing in 2011. In fact the report dedicates quite some attention to the use of this platform, while Linkedin is barely mentioned. Consider that Xing has something like 12 million users (and is a clear leader in the German-speaking markets) while Linkedin had -as of March 2012- 161 million members in over 200 countries or territories.

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