Using Online Tools To Create Offline Connections – Insights From MLOVE ConFestival Europe by Bizzabo

July 24, 2012

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Guest post by Alon Alroy of Bizzabo.

2 weeks ago I attended one of the best mobile events of the year, the MLOVE ConFestival Europe. Wired Magazine has called it the “TED for Mobile” – it truly is. The venue, speakers, activities and attendees, can all be described as “inspiring”. Unlike many conferences and events I have attended, one can tell that this special event is not only about maximizing revenues; it is about the love for mobile and its future; It is about discussing how mobile can change our lives. It can clearly be seen that the organizing team is doing their job with great passion and joy.

Building Relationships, Not Collecting Business Cards

I came to MLOVE together with my co-founder, and our goal was to meet fellow entrepreneurs, industry leaders and bloggers who could help us spread the word about our startup, Bizzabo. It seemed like each and every attendee was looking for building a relationship, rather than just collecting business “contacts”. MLOVE is exactly the place in which the potential for building real connections is possible.

Personally, there was nothing more enjoyable than using my own product for my own needs (and seeing dozens of MLOVERS do the same). Bizzabo is a business-networking app for events. As such, MLOVE used it to help its participants to really connect with each other. Although MLOVE is a 3-day event, you don’t just stumble upon business opportunities. Bizzabo helped the MLOVE audience discover, connect and get closer to a face-to-face interaction with people we would probably have missed without it. By connecting to people’s LinkedIn profiles, watching their tweets and instantly see who we know in common, it was easier to maximize networking opportunities and start an online in-app chat with people with whom we wanted an “off-line” meeting.

All people needed was a tiny push of mobile technology to spark social interactions. That’s the beauty. Discover and engage online to generate a firm handshake off-line.

To illustrate the volume of online mobile interactions, check-out the infographic below:

Infographic Bizzabo @ MLOVE

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About the author:

Alon Alroy (twitter, linkedin) is the Co-Founder and Chief Marketing & BizDev at Bizzabo, an early stage internet startup developing an award-winning networking app for events, conferences and meetups. Prior to founding Bizzabo, Alon was a senior analyst and personal assistant to chairman at Plenum, a private investment bank. He also served as the Chief Operations Officer at AYADR Investments, dealing with and managing investments in real estate and high-tech markets. Graduated with honors from the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya , where he studied for a BA and LLB in Law & Business Administration and participated in the prestigious Zell Entrepreneurship program. Alon is a scuba diver, snowboarder, aspiring poker player and a natural networker, fulfilling his passions for connecting people, technology and adventures 😉

Disclaimer: Bizzabo was the official networking app of the European edition of the MLOVE ConFestival in Berlin. Gianfranco Chicco is the director of the Asian edition of MLOVE, that will take place in Japan on November 14-16, 2012, and was responsible for Special Projects at MLOVE Europe, including speakers and “show management”.

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