Evernote x Moleskine: The Best Notebook For Conference Attendees

September 15, 2012

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A couple of weeks ago I took part of the launch of a new [paper] notebook in Tokyo, a collaboration between Evernote – the digital application that helps you to “remember everything” – and the legendary stationery producer Moleskine. The Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine allows to bridge the gap between physical creation of content (writing or sketching on paper) and digital archiving and search of content (on the Evernote apps).

This product could be particularly useful for conference attendees that like to take down notes with pen and paper as they can then transfer or share the notes for future consultation.

Read on to discover the  features of the Evernote Smart Notebook

  • Special Pages – pages can be  ruled or squared and they have a special dotted paper pattern that was optimized for the Evernote app to straighten up and correct the skew of the photo
  • Page Camera – a new camera function (momentarily only available for iOS devices like the iPhone and the iPad) designed for capturing photos of physical pages and documents. Page Camera also automatically improves the contrast of the page and removes any shadows (they suggest you use the device’s flash when taking the photo to improve the results). The Page Camera functions works with all documents, not just the Evernote Smart Notebook
  • Smart Stickers – a set of multi-color stickers that will be recognized by Evernote when applied to a page you’ve taken a photo of. The notes with the stickers are automatically added to a specific notebook on Evernote
  • Premium Access -as an extra benefit, each Moleskine notebook offers a code that can be used to obtain a 3-month access to Evernote Premium

Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote, shared some tips to make the most out of this product:

  • Take a photo of your notes as soon as possible, ideally before you leave the place where the photo was taken. This way, Evernote will add the date and location where the note was taken, making it easier to search in the future.
  • Evernote can recognize handwriting within a certain range, so Libin suggests you put a bit of an extra effort to write the title and maybe related tags of your note as tidy as possible, so they will be recognized by the app and you’ll be able to search them as keywords in the future.
  • You can associate a Smart Sticker to a shared Evernote notebook. When you’ll add it to a page, it will be automatically shared with all the people that have access to that specific Evernote notebook (e.g. you could share tips for an upcoming trip with a family member or notes taken during a meeting with your colleagues

Phil Libin from Evernote introducing the Evernote Smart Notebook at Loft in Yurakucho, Tokyo


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