I’ve been involved in designing, marketing and managing events — mostly conferences in the management, technology, design and creative sectors — for more than ten years now, and I’ve come to the conclusion that conferences need to have an expiration date, like food. A sort of “best before dd/mm/yyy”. What Does It Mean This means that when you decide to […]


A couple of months ago I started a workshop with 16 event organizers from a top international organization by asking the question “If you had a magic wand*, what would you like to obtain with your event?”. Surprisingly, most answers were a variation of “I would like the participants to be happy”, “I want to […]

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Marketing Guru Seth Godin is running a special event called Pick Yourself on May 16th in New York and he promises it has been especially conceived as a valuable in-presence gathering, with no digital distractions during the event nor live streaming, as the experienced has been conceived to work at its best physically, offline.