There are several good guides for rookies and old-boys attending South by Southwest, which will bring back tens of thousands of participants to Austin, Texas, in a few weeks. These guides (this and this are pretty good) talk about general tips and while I’m getting ready for my third edition, I decided to compile a […]


Julius Solaris (twitter, web) is the editor of the excellent Event Manager Blog and a social media strategist. In the video below both of his passions -events and social media- meet to give an important advice to conference organizers: You don’t need more social media tools, you just need to use those that really matter […]


Last Thursday I met Ze Frank (web, twitter),  who a few days later would hold the closing keynote speech at the design & creativity conference MAD in Spain. I had previously seen Ze talk at TED Global 2010 in Oxford and had found his presentation both entertaining and professionally interesting as he deals with creating online  experiences […]


I came across this interesting article (extracts below) on why T-shirts matter to high tech start-ups employees. Curiously enough, the same applies to attendees of [tech, internet and innovation oriented] conferences. From my position as both a conference organizer and an attendee I’ve often find T-shirts to be the most memorable kind of swag I […]


It’s clear that Loic and Geraldine Le Meur have righteously created what’s the “Number 1 Internet Conference in Europe”. If there is one particular characteristic to define Le Web (web, twitter, facebook, youtube) is that it is a huge networking machine, with the 2010 edition attracting around 3,000 attendees from 60 countries (mostly European but […]


Famous conference photographer Duncan Davidson (TED, Web 2.0 Summit, etc) shared the following tip for conference organizers: Don’t use plasma screens on stage because they will come awful on photo. Big screens are really great for use on stage. You can display big graphics, change them at a whim, and reuse them for the next […]


From the TEDx Posterous page, a series of practical tips for TEDx organizers which are actually valid for any other conference. Images are powerful, and they tell a powerful story about your event. Taking high-quality photographs at your event is as important as filming great quality video — invest some time and effort into finding really […]


You shouldn’t call or text an event organizer during the few hours before his conference starts, or either a few hours after it has started… not even the evening before! Why? Well, because she’ll be terribly busy and probably stressed, already answering to tons of phone calls and emails. Most probably the first thing that […]

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Compiling, completing and sharing all the relevant links (like twitter and linkedin profiles, personal & company websites, etc) of the speakers and attendees, or performing other long & mechanical tasks for your conference might seem as a particulary time-consuming burden of your event management activities… but not anymore thanks to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk! Marshall Kirkpatrick […]


Conferences are a totally different beast when it comes to photography. Duncan Davidson (LinkedIn, journal, twitter), the photographer that -amongst other things- has covered the last six major TED events, shares some practical tips that matter when reporting what happens at conference. From equipment that can handle high ISO or high shutter speeds to setting […]