I‘m writing on a plane headed to Austin (now posting from the hotel), Texas, for South by Southwest (web, twitter). SXSW is a huge festival where music, film and interactive (or Internet stuff) overlaps for about two weeks. I’ll be there mostly for Interactive and this year I’ll be also speaking in one panel (How […]


While reading a book by Haruki Murakami on running and writing, a sort of memoir of the importance of running in the author’s personal an professional life, I came across the following description on how he prepares himself for international presentations in English language: “Naturally it takes a lot of time to prepare. Before I […]


I recently finished reading The Whuffie Factor, Tara Hunt‘s first book (recommended) and on chapter 8 I found an interesting way for rating the success of an event, that I agree with. Hunt describes the TransitCamp she organized in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2008 and when talking about the result of this un-conference […]

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Presentation Zen by Garr Reynolds is a book but also a blog that deals with the art of making presentations that is inspired by Zen Buddhism and Reynolds’ life experience in Japan, where he currently lives. Presentation Zen is an approach, not a fail-proof list of rules, for better delivering your message independently of the […]