Lanyrd is one of the few services in the event space (granted, with a strong focus on tech conferences but not only) that keeps innovating and launching new features for event organizers, speakers and attendees alike. They recently introduced two new features: Speaker Directory, helps find speakers via several filters Enhanced Speaker Profile, allows speakers […]

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As every month, the Conference Basics Newsletter introduces an event organizer from around the world. The latest edition featured Marcello Merlo, Conference Director of Frontiers of Interaction. Marcello Merlo is the Conference Director of Frontiers of Interaction (disclaimer: I was Frontiers’ Conference Director in 2010 and am now involved as an advisor), which organizes its main event in […]


Creating “interactive experiences” is essential for live events, be them face-to-face (f2f), virtual) or hybrid (a mix of f2f and virtual). Interactive experiences are one of the reasons that justifies being present,  a way to connect attendees with each other, with the content and with the speakers. Creating interactive experiences is also an over-hyped expression […]


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a rather abused concept and often it means using tricks and not real value to make your content more findable on search engines, but there are a few things that are smart to increase discoverability (the possibility of your event being found). The main search engines, including Bing, Google, Yahoo!, have […]


During 2011 I’ve organized a couple of events, spoke at 5 or 6 and attended in total more than 20 in 8 different countries, big and small, including international conferences, seminars, meet-ups , gatherings and university lectures. Many are still playing it safe in an industry which is heavily influenced by outdated principles of the pre-internet […]