F8 (web), Facebook’s developer conference, took place today in San Francisco but also all over the world through live streaming… which accounted for 100,000+ simultaneous viewers. Now if you compare that with TV, it does not seem that much but for a tech conference (or any kind of conference for that matter)… that’s huge! I’m […]


Facebook has launched a new version of Facebook Events, simplifying the process of creating an event to one step. The most noticeable change is the newly-added ability to create events right from your home page. There is now a box that allows you to type in what you are planning, when it’s taking place, where, […]


There are plenty of online tools to make the live coverage of your conference over the internet. In this article I have summarized the most useful, powerful and easier to use ones. The global availability of broadband and a bunch of web 2.0 services have made the live transmission of an event a low cost […]