Gadgets / SWAG

Conference delegates, especially in tech events, are nowadays armed with at least one of the following: a mobile phone or smartphone, a laptop, a digital photo or video-camera and – soon soon enough- a tablet (welcome iPad!). The elevated number of gadgets per capita in use at an these events makes it a common scene […]


Recently one of the spotters of Springwise published the eco-minded products of Fairware, which sells “promotional products for your conscience” that could be used as sustainable gadgets and giveaways for your event. As a rule of thumb, better not to give away a crappy gadget that will have a negative effect on the environment (and […]


Many events have the habit of  distributing crappy & useless gadgets, often provided by the sponsors. It gets even worse when attendees get to fight for them (I’ve seen men in suits which -directly or indirectly- had payed more than 2.000 USD for a ticket fighting over who got a cheap cap with the BMW […]