Many events have the habit of  distributing crappy & useless gadgets, often provided by the sponsors. It gets even worse when attendees get to fight for them (I’ve seen men in suits which -directly or indirectly- had payed more than 2.000 USD for a ticket fighting over who got a cheap cap with the BMW […]


Last Friday, June 3rd 2009, the city of Venice officially launched a free wi-fi service that covers most of the city. The presentation and “beta-testing” of the service was made in a rather unusual way: the vice-mayor of Venice, Michele Vianello, together with blogger Gigi Cogo, organized a barcamp-like event for bloggers and journalists to […]


Today I have participated to a remarkable event in Rome: Frontiers of Interaction V, organized by Leandro Agro’, Matteo Penzo and Carlo Maria Medaglia. Even though the event was on Monday, the room was full. Communication about this conference traveled mainly through word of mouth, supported by social networking activity on Facebook, Twitter and others. […]