You have an iPad but are afraid of it slipping from your hands while you’re speaking on-stage? Grabbit has a solution for both iPad 1 and iPad 2 owners, and at a quite affordable price too. With it’s hardshell body and quality leader strap, it appeals to both technologists and business men alike. It has […]

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I often speak about the need to challenge the basic assumptions of a conference in order to improve the event’s experience, and one of these assumptions is that you need a big screen so that the speaker can show his slides, etc. A common deterrent to change the way an event develops is the lack […]


The iPad has become ubiquitous at conferences, especially tech ones. Not only has it eliminated the battery problems of laptops (the iPad’s battery lasts somewhere around 10 hs if you don’t do much video and games vs. 2-4hs of the average laptop) but also it offers great portability and a good weight-features ratio as a […]

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The team behind the presentation software Prezi published today a free App to view Prezis on the iPad (iTunes link). While the application does not allow you to edit your files (they say it’s coming), you can download the ones stored  in your online account to show them on Apple’s tablet. I’m a long time […]


Inspired by frog design’s “remarketables” (weekly collection of remarkable marketing links) and by the amount of interesting stuff I come across (news, articles, tweets) but don’t have the time to publish as an individual blogpost, I’m starting a “Worth Noting This Week” series of articles, plus the selection of an interesting photo from a conference […]

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Today TED launched a free iPad App (iTunes) that expands their platform for spreading worthy ideas. The app is beautifully and intuitively designed. The App focuses on just one thing and that is watching talks, but does offer plenty of resources to search and discover new ones. Apart from the “featured” talks, you can search […]


The latest newsletter of SlideShare announces that they are working on some kind of non-Flash version in order to support iPhone & iPad browsing. From the email: If you have been paying attention to the excited chatter about the iPad, then you have probably know that one of discussed issues is how the internet will […]


Chris Anderson, curator of TED Conferences, has just announced on twitter that the TED website has been upgraded to a non-flash version (based on HTML5) that allows you to watch the famous TED Talks on your Apple iPhone (and also in the upcoming iPad). A smart move as the iPad will be hitting the streets […]