The latest newsletter of SlideShare announces that they are working on some kind of non-Flash version in order to support iPhone & iPad browsing. From the email: If you have been paying attention to the excited chatter about the iPad, then you have probably know that one of discussed issues is how the internet will […]


Chris Anderson, curator of TED Conferences, has just announced on twitter that the TED website has been upgraded to a non-flash version (based on HTML5) that allows you to watch the famous TED Talks on your Apple iPhone (and also in the upcoming iPad). A smart move as the iPad will be hitting the streets […]


I have just installed a new WordPress Plugin, WPTouch, that optimizes your website when accessed online from an iPhone/iPod Touch (see screenshots below). Though it’s not a real app, you can add the site to your home screen and it will appear with a dedicated icon and you will have direct access to the content […]