For the last 5/8 years, the tech scene in London has been flourishing, with the Silicon Roundabout becoming the main hub for startups and other young companies. Oddly enough, the biggest tech events have been taking place somewhere else in Europe, with Le Web in Paris and The Dublin Web Summit (in Dublin of course) […]


In a previous article I wrote that the 2010 edition of Le Web had about 3,000 attendees which could be both a networking blessing or a nightmare.  For me it was the former as I managed to have those 8 or 10 meaningful meetings that justified my stay in Paris. I was able to do […]


It’s clear that Loic and Geraldine Le Meur have righteously created what’s the “Number 1 Internet Conference in Europe”. If there is one particular characteristic to define Le Web (web, twitter, facebook, youtube) is that it is a huge networking machine, with the 2010 edition attracting around 3,000 attendees from 60 countries (mostly European but […]


Marco Montemagno (blog, twitter) followed the live streaming of Le Web Paris 2009 and was terribly bored. He’s no ordinary spectator though. Montemagno is an Italian technology speaker & evangelist, web entrepreneur, TV host… in a few words a 360 degree communicator that has been running an  “internet evangelizing show” throughout Itally called Codice Internet. […]