Next June 3 and 4 Frontiers of Interaction will take place in Rome, Italy (disclaimer: I’m the Conference Director). This will be the 6th edition of the conference and it represents a rara avis in the Italian scenario. I first got in contact with Frontiers during 2009 as a “regular” delegate (my review of Frontiers […]


A new and exciting event has been launched in Rome: Brain Forum. “The idea is to create a sort of Davos of the brain (referring to the World Economic Forum of Davos, Ed.) or the Roma del Cervello in Italian” says Viviana Kasam, founder of Brain Forum and Brain Circle Italia, a non-profit organization that […]


Today I have participated to a remarkable event in Rome: Frontiers of Interaction V, organized by Leandro Agro’, Matteo Penzo and Carlo Maria Medaglia. Even though the event was on Monday, the room was full. Communication about this conference traveled mainly through word of mouth, supported by social networking activity on Facebook, Twitter and others. […]