Last Tuesday I was watching the live streaming of the first TED 2012 session when Chris Anderson introduced a TED Talk from 2023. The 3 minute movie is actually a well crafted promo of Ridley Scott’s upcoming movie Prometheus. The TED Talk is given by fictional character, Peter Weyland, and what was interesting about this video, […]


Listening to and meeting interesting speakers is still one of the 3 main reasons to attend an event (the other two being networking and the overall experience). Also, big names are one of the most important marketing levers organizers have to sell more tickets (though word-of-mouth amplified by social media is becoming more relevant). With […]


TED is holding an open audition to discover new speakers for TED 2012, especially those that use new presentation techniques, engaging media or storytelling styles. To participate you just need to make a 1′ minute video showing a bit your -hopefully- innovative and interesting way of presenting and you might be picked for a full […]


The next step in the Radical Openness approach of TED was announced today at SXSW Interactive by June Cohen (profile, twitter), Executive Producer of TED Media. The initiative consistis in “open sourcing TED’s CODE” through an API that will give developers around the world access to all the talks (currently about 900) and the associated meta-data […]


The Arab World is in revolt… one full of hope that will surely define the start of a new era. Wadah Khanfar, Director General of Al Jazeera, makes a passionate description of what is happening right now and what the outcome could be. This was the first talk from TED 2011 published online. Enjoy and wish […]


Another week on the road has passed, including a visit to the World Business Forum in Milan, and  the following items are the ones that captured my attention.


Came across a Tweet by @katzy saying: “Dawn of the Ted” bbc silliness  http://youtu.be/61RJGQcG_sM I clicked thinking it was an article on the dawn of the TED Conferences by the BBC with some kind of stupid argument on what might happen to it. Instead it was something very different from that but still made an […]


After a week on the road and pretty disconnected, I collected a series of news and interesting links from the usual suspects (TED, Lift…). Instead of a photo, today I’m including an extract from the Design Mind Salon with Bill Buxton (+ Tjeerd Hoek and Marcel Kampman) on “how design triggers transformation”. Lift Conference has […]


Inspired by frog design’s “remarketables” (weekly collection of remarkable marketing links) and by the amount of interesting stuff I come across (news, articles, tweets) but don’t have the time to publish as an individual blogpost, I’m starting a “Worth Noting This Week” series of articles, plus the selection of an interesting photo from a conference […]

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Today TED launched a free iPad App (iTunes) that expands their platform for spreading worthy ideas. The app is beautifully and intuitively designed. The App focuses on just one thing and that is watching talks, but does offer plenty of resources to search and discover new ones. Apart from the “featured” talks, you can search […]