the future of conferences

Marc Fontein (linkedin, twitter) is one of the co-founders and organizers of the prosperous Mobile Monday Amsterdam, the local chapter of the broader Mobile Monday (MoMo) organization, that gathers professionals from the mobile industry or who’s profession makes them involved with mobile technologies (during the last decade the irruption of the internet on mobile phones […]


Next Thursday May 6th I’ll be holding a workshop on The Future of Conferences at the prestigious Lift Conference in Geneva. The idea is to develop, together with the attendees, strategies and actions to assess the dynamics that are affecting events and provoke changes that will create an amazing event experience. From the description on […]


Laurent Haug (blog, twitter), French entrepreneur and founder of the LIFT Conference (Switzerland, France, Korea), thinks there are three main directions that are influencing the Future of Conferences: conferences need to be more porous, come back to the moment and decentralize. These phenomenon move in separate directions or axis and pose extremely relevant challenges to […]

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