Now positive tweets about your conference (or product, service, etc) are a good thing to create buzz, but how do you “stimulate” those tweets in an original, fun and non too pushy way? Spanish online bank Uno-e found an original way to do it during the internet conference Internet es tuyo (translate: “internet is yours”), […]


It seems that Twitter will be soon giving event organizers and attendees an improved tool to follow and share in real time what’s happening at a conference in a much less invasive than live-streaming or proper live-blogging. “Twitter will get to a billion members,” Twitter co-founder and recently displaced CEO Evan Williams told the crowd […]


On November 17th 2009 the 140 Characters Conference (@140conf) will arrive to London, after two successful editions in New York and Las Vegas. Organized by Jeff Pulver, this series of events was originally born to discuss the “real-time web” and “the effects of twitter on: Celebrity, The Media, Advertising and (maybe) Politics” but in a […]


There are plenty of online tools to make the live coverage of your conference over the internet. In this article I have summarized the most useful, powerful and easier to use ones. The global availability of broadband and a bunch of web 2.0 services have made the live transmission of an event a low cost […]