Your Event’s Tagline Gives the First Impression


Nike's simple and direct tagline

The tagline of your conference is responsible for giving the first impression of what it’s all about and this should not be underestimated. An effective tagline will transmit your personality, your mission and your promise. It should capture the essence of your event and help communicate it in a simple and direct way.

There are dozens of online resources to help you build a solid tagline, I recommend the following:

Remember not to be captured by the temptation of using too much jargon and -above all- choose a tagline that reflects your real value… The main goal of a tagline is to give a glimpse of what you are, if possible with a memorable phrase, but in the end you will have to prove what you are with facts.

A compilation of taglines from famous events (in no particular order):

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4 Replies to “Your Event’s Tagline Gives the First Impression”

  1. Thanks @WebExpo for your comment. It is a nice tagline, is that your mission, main goal? Wouldn't it be better something like “Creating a happier web community” that adds the action to it?

    Please keep me posted on the news about the 2010 edition so I can share it here on ConfBasics! Cheers

  2. Thanks for kind review. Yes, it's our mission. Why don't we add “Creating”? Because shorter tagline is better to remember than longer. And we feel that Czech WebExpo is not only the conference held by us but also the community itself. I will keep in touch with you for further information. Good luck with your very useful blog!

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