[Upcoming Workshop] Best Practices Are Not Enough: Making Meaningful Events

On November 28th 2012 I’ll be running a workshop at EIBTM — the leading global event for the meetings, incentives, events and business travel industry — in Barcelona as part of the Corporate Programme track (link). I’ll present some of the most useful tools event organisers can use to create meaningful events and we will attempt to draft a few during the session. The following video presents the topics the workshop is going to deal with.

Even though we’re more digitally connected than ever (email, social networks, websites, etc), more physical events than ever are taking place too. Our basic nature hasn’t changed that much after all and we still crave for meaningful human connections.

High quality content and powerful networking are still utterly important but participants are opting for events that provide a great overall experience and real value (be it new business, useful contacts, relevant content or an entertaining time).

How can we satisfy people with short attention spans who are constantly interrupted by the plethora of gadgets they carry with them? How can we compete with and differentiate from the dozens of events that have popped up in the last few years?

In this interactive workshop we’ll explore tools to create event experiences that are valuable both for the organization and the attendees and learn how to challenge business as usual from examples of the most innovative events around the world.