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Created by Gianfranco Chicco, Conference Basics was born in early 2009 as a place to discuss event management, experience design, marketing and industry news relative to international events, a sector in which Gianfranco has been working in since the early 2000’s.

It presents a series of articles, tips and how-to’s, best practices, tools, anecdotes, event reviews and interviews to notable organizers, speakers and attendees.


The world is changing very fast and innovation like the Internet (especially Social Media), mobile technologies, and near field communication have radically changed the scenario in which conferences exist and the tools the organizers have in their hands to create meaningful experiences.

It’s no longer enough to gather a bunch of interesting speakers and an audience in a room to satisfy their needs. Good content and quality networking are just two of the ingredients of a full event experience that needs to take place before, during and after the physical gathering. A modern event experience has to be carefully designed through a multidisciplinary approach and live in equilibrium with the digital and the physical world.

To be successful, conferences have to be at least useful, relevant, entertaining or have a WOW factor in them (read more on this); otherwise they will join the crowded ranks of mediocre events destined to disappear.

Services: Think Tank & Consulting

Conference Basics is also a Think Tank that gathers a group of remarkable professionals from around the world to design and experiment new ways to add value to an event by challenging the status-quo and the “business as usual” mindset.

These people come from different backgrounds, including Marketing, Copywriting, User Experience Design, Psychology, Graphic Design, Public Speaking, Spatial Design, Light & Sound Design, Communications, Software & Hardware Development, Photography and Video.

Together we design events by developing a holistic experience centered around the participant while providing value to them and to the organization running the event.

To reach this goal we create new formats, invent innovative tools, develop content and cross-pollinate between different sectors in addition to applying the best practices in conference management.

About Gianfranco Chicco

Gianfranco Chicco – Photo by Beatrice Arenella

Gianfranco Chicco is a marketer and digital strategist who focuses on creating people-centered experiences to tie together the physical and the digital worlds. He’s passionate about innovative technology and design applied to brands, products and services and how they can provide value to users. A professional nomad, his work and personal interests keep him traveling around the globe (Americas, Europe, Asia).

Gianfranco is the Chief Dreamer Officer at Conference Basics, consulting to several international organizations. Some of his current projects include the MLOVE ConFestival in Germany and Japan and the Social Media Week 2013 in Milan. Before that he was theMarketing Director at the World Business Forum (Italy/Europe), Chief Operating Officer atRed Innova (Spain/Latam), Marketing Manager of the innovative PICNIC Festival (The Netherlands) and Conference Director of Frontiers of Interaction (Italy) and Chief Laughter Officer at the TEDxSilkRoad (Turkey) among others. His events have featured well-known speakers like President Bill Clinton, Michael Porter, Philip Kotler, Kevin Roberts, Lawrence Lessig, Cory Doctorow, Malcolm Gladwell, Rudy Giuliani, Jack Welch and many others from companies like Facebook, Google, frog, Evernote, IDEO, AKQA, Fjord and Massive Health.

In his free time, Gianfranco is dedicated to his other passions: photography, writing for various publications (including Wired UK and Italy) and on his blogs (www.gchicco.comwww.conferencebasics.com), traveling, learning new languages, tinkering with open-source electronics and running barefoot-style.

In short, he likes doing stuff more than talking about stuff.

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  1. Congratulations at the new job in Picnic. They need someone with your international insight.

  2. Congratulations at the new job in Picnic. They need someone with your international insight.

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