[Video] How To Public Speaking by Ze Frank

I had the chance of meeting Ze Frank (web, twitter) a couple of times, back in 2010 and 2011. Last time I interviewed him on some of his public speaking tips (read article). Now, he just published this hilarious but also very practical video that distills in a “how to” [non blinking] style his best advice. I will surely take these into account when I prepare for my next speech.

By the way, Ze suggests that you don’t imagine that your audience is naked to fight your nervousness, a quite popular tip for first time speakers.

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Who’s Responsible For Happiness At Your Event?

A couple of months ago I started a workshop with 16 event organizers from a top international organization by asking the question “If you had a magic wand*, what would you like to obtain with your event?”. Surprisingly, most answers were a variation of “I would like the participants to be happy”, “I want to change the world [with this event]”, “I want people to be smiling”. “I want to provide hope and solutions”.

The loquacity of those attending my workshop ended though when I made my following question: “In your organization, who is responsible for the participant’s happiness? Who is the Chief Happiness Officer?”.

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An Opportunity For Ticketing Platforms For Charity Fundraising

There seems to be a problem –and thus an opportunity for someone to solve it– regarding fundraising for charities by selling tickets using existing ticketing tools like JustGiving or Eventbrite.

It all started with a rant on Twitter  by Eze Vidra (Google+, Twitter, Linkedin), Head of the Google Campus in London, whogets to organize several of these kinds of events (not necessarily for Google) :

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2012 Social Media & Events Report by Amiando

Online ticketing company Amiando just published the 2012 edition of their Social Media & Events Report with research and tips on how the event industry is using social networks. The paper is divided in a research section on how are event organizers using social media for their events and a “How to” section with stats on the main Social Media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc) and a series of stats, tips, best practices and suggested tools.

You can download the free report here.

Follow a series of highlights and comments from the report.

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Using Online Tools To Create Offline Connections – Insights From MLOVE ConFestival Europe by Bizzabo

Guest post by Alon Alroy of Bizzabo.

2 weeks ago I attended one of the best mobile events of the year, the MLOVE ConFestival Europe. Wired Magazine has called it the “TED for Mobile” – it truly is. The venue, speakers, activities and attendees, can all be described as “inspiring”. Unlike many conferences and events I have attended, one can tell that this special event is not only about maximizing revenues; it is about the love for mobile and its future; It is about discussing how mobile can change our lives. It can clearly be seen that the organizing team is doing their job with great passion and joy.
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It Ain’t a Cheap Conference (1 ticket = 16,000 USD)

Just noticed this through my Twitter timeline: Tickets for the WWW.WWW Conference, the new brainchild from TED founder Richard Saul Wurman are selling for 16,000 USD. Who needs sponsors when you can milk so much money from each individual ticket? (Don’t get me wrong, I admire RSW and I wish my event’s tickets went sold out for that individual amount).
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Meet the Organizer: Herb Kim – Thinking Digital

Herb Kim, photo by Cubicgarden on flickr
Herb Kim, considered one of the top 100 digital power brokers by Wired UK and among the top 100 most influential people in UK media by the Guardian Newspaper, is the founder of the Thinking Digital Conference, that will be taking place next May 29-31 in Gateshead, United Kingdom.

The 2012 edition of Thinking Digital has a powerful roster of multi-talented speakers from the worlds of technology, media, science, industry and the arts.

Discover more about Herb and the conference after the jump!
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Kevin Hartz (Eventbrite): We Enable More Events By Creating A Friction-Free Experience

Kevin Hartz, co-founder and CEO of Eventbrite, an online ticketing company, is on a mission to disrupt the ticketing industry by reducing the friction involved in organizing and attending an event. In this interview he shares some insights on what a great event should be and how they are helping event managers to organize and promote their events.

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Meet the Organizer: Harald Neidhardt – MLOVE

Harald Neidhardt (Linkedin, Twitter, Tumblr) is quite a character, a curious mind by default, who created MLOVE and the MLOVE ConFestival, an innovative mix between a festival and a conference that today is having its first US edition in Monterey, California. The event also takes place in Harald’s native Germany (Berlin) and Japan (Tokyo).

MLOVE stands for the cross- pollination of Mobile with advertising, automotive, fashion, retail, many other industries and human behavior during as aspects of our day: Mobile becomes a remote control to our lives.
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