The London Tech-Events Scene Is Hot

For the last 5/8 years, the tech scene in London has been flourishing, with the Silicon Roundabout becoming the main hub for startups and other young companies. Oddly enough, the biggest tech events have been taking place somewhere else in Europe, with Le Web in Paris and The Dublin Web Summit (in Dublin of course) being two of the most important ones. Now these same companies and others are coming to London to capitalize on the startup boom.

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Wired UK Conference Was Great… And A Missed Opportunity To Disrupt The Industry Too

Photo by Nate Lanxon

It all started with Rupert Turnbull, publisher of Wired, thanking all the people involved and sharing some very interesting stats about the audience (countries, roles, type of companies), which is very important to makes us feel good for being part of it, priming the start of the event with a positive feeling. Followed David Rowan, editor of Wired, who also acted as master of ceremony and guided us into a parallel universe by stating “you’re not in England anymore, you’re at the wired event”.

[Full coverage of the event by the Wired staff]

Let’s make something clear from the start. Wired UK’s first conference was excellent, from production to speakers to catering, all was high quality. Keep that in mind while you read my review, which is intended for conference organizers, as I focus on several details that attendees usually don’t see or or care for. It’s always difficult to review an event made by people I admire (in this case both professionally and personally) because in the past someone felt offended (though we cleared things up and all is ok now).

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A Flash Mob Gone Wrong – Ignite Talk by Tom Scott

This interesting Ignite presentation (5 minutes preso, with 20 slides that advance automatically every 15 seconds) by Tom Scott was recorded at Ignite London in March 2010. Scott talks about a Flash Mob that goes wrong… or does it? I liked his storytelling and the visual aid of his slides. Most importantly, I appreciated the method he chose to make his point. Recommended watch… and btw it will only take 5 minutes!

[event] #140conf in London – November 17th 2009

140 Characters Conference
140 Characters Conference

On November 17th 2009 the 140 Characters Conference (@140conf) will arrive to London, after two successful editions in New York and Las Vegas. Organized by Jeff Pulver, this series of events was originally born to discuss the “real-time web” and “the effects of twitter on: Celebrity, The Media, Advertising and (maybe) Politics” but in a short time evolved to “look at twitter as a platform and as a language we speak. Over time it will neither be the only platform nor the only language. #140conf is not an event about  microblogging or the place where people share twitter “tips and techniques” but rather where we explore the effects of the real-time Internet on Business“.

The event gathers a very interesting group of people from different walks of life that are active on Twitter (see the list for London here) and promises to explore different industries, from big corporations (like Kodak with Jeffrey Hayzlett or Unilever with Babs Rangaiah) to sports, music, art and media.

140 Characters Conference represents itself as a great opportunity to gain further knowledge on a way of communication that is expanding at light speed, contaminating many disciplines (not only journalism) and in many cases changing how we learn about what’s happening around the world. Two clear cases of this change in paradigm are the recent  “war 2.0” between Israel and Palestine and the elections in Iran.

As an example of the non conventional but powerful uses of the twitter platform, Pulver describes one of the various experiences of the event in Las Vegas:

One thing we all resonated with as homeless tweeter Ann Marie and Mark Hovarth who works with the homeless made us realize on twitter you are not alone. Your voice matters. In 2009 it is possible for people to use it as a platform to stand up and change the world. People have a platform to be heard. (read the full article)

I will be in London for this event so write me an email if you’ll be there too and we can meet for coffee or beer!