#FridaySpeaker: Ben Hammersley on Why Innovation is Bad and People Don’t Like It [via @PICNICfestival]

Ben Hammersley (web, twitter) is quite an erudite technologist and wears many hats, like being Editor at Large at Wired UK but also a messenger from the past. Last week at PICNIC ’11 in Amsterdam, he brought a message from Lord Kelvin: “Radio has no future. Heavier than air flying machines are impossible. X-rays will soon be found to be a hoax”. That was his opener for a talk on why innovation is bad… isn’t it?

Apart from the content and the final message of his presentation, which I found both very good, I chose Ben as today’s #FridaySpeaker because he demonstrates that a talk doesn’t need slideware to be good (in fact he lives in the future where “[…] PowerPoint has been made illegal”) but great storytelling abilities, appropriate vocal modulation, the use of reinforcing gestures and active interaction with the audience, all of which he does masterfully.

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#FridaySpeaker: David Allen on Why The Mind is For Having Ideas Not Holding Them [Via @dolectures]

We all need to get things done, that’s live. But for David Allen, having a solid method for getting things done (“GTD”) helps us get down to want is really important, to our role in this world. By clearing the mind from what we have to do, we also clear or psychic space, which allows us to be more creative, profound and also relaxed.

In this talk at the Do Lectures, David Allen explains the basics of his philosophy/method and a bit of his personal story on how he came to synthesize it.

For more information on GTD, I recommend David’s books (disclaimer: the links include an Amazon affiliate code, it won’t cost more for you but will recognize me a benefit from Amazon.com for the referral): Getting Things Done: The art of stress-free productivity and Ready for Anything: 52 Productivity Principles for Getting Things Done.


#FridaySpeaker: David Heinemeier Hansson on Doing Less

I have such a backlog of content and interviews so I decided to increase my to-do list by curating a new weekly section: Friday Speaker – AKA interesting presentations from events around the world.

The first presentation is by  David Heinemeier Hansson (webtwitter), co-founder of the innovative cloud-based software company 37 Signals and co-author of the highly recommended book Rework.

Follows a short extract of a talk he gave as part of the Standford Technology Ventures Program in which he deals with the benefits of having clear constraints in your projects and embracing them to under-do your competition and come out with innovative solutions. In his own words, “we love all the things that come from doing less”.

If you liked this video, I suggest you also what this one in which David argues that “planning is guessing” and why companies should do less planning and start doing the things that matter.