Welcome Back, Plancast!

Plancast (web, mobile app), the social calendar for discovering/tracking/sharing events is back. After being acquired by the Active Network, Plancast has announced today a revamped web interface and a new mobile application with a set of new features. Now it also integrates with LinkedIn and Eventbrite, apart from Facebook and Twitter.


At the time, it was a pity to see Plancast fade out so it’s good to have it back. Time will tell if users will find it useful. The crowded interface is in contrast with what used to be a basic but useful service. Hopefully they now have a sustainable business model.

For more details check out the about page.

The new Plancast homepage is full of new features

2012 Social Media & Events Report by Amiando

Online ticketing company Amiando just published the 2012 edition of their Social Media & Events Report with research and tips on how the event industry is using social networks. The paper is divided in a research section on how are event organizers using social media for their events and a “How to” section with stats on the main Social Media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc) and a series of stats, tips, best practices and suggested tools.

You can download the free report here.

Follow a series of highlights and comments from the report.

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Use Pinterest As A Virtual Directory Of Speaker And Attendee Profiles

Pinterest is the new kid on the block of Social Networking and many event organizers have been pondering how to use it to “pimp” their events.

One practical application would be to follow the example of creative mastermind Marcel Kampman (creative director of PICNIC Festival and organizer of Mastermundo) and use Pinterest to aggregate and share the profiles of the speakers, staff and attendees of your next event. Marcel recently created the Happykampers, a visual directory of “people who change things simply by touching them” (a collection of photos representing each of the  invited guests…actually their  index fingers) and this same concept can be extended to a conference.

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Tweets Worth Remembering: Spread Your Content To A Broader Audience

An event produces a lot of ephemeral tidbits of valuable content that resonates in real time but then fades (e.g.: tweeted quotes the speaker currently on stage). How can you highlight that content not only to the attendees but also to their connections on social media and a broader audience that might not be aware of your conference? Professional illustrator Chris Shipton (twitter, web, company: Livescribes) might have a solution for you.

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Your Conference Does NOT Need More Social Media

Julius Solaris (twitter, web) is the editor of the excellent Event Manager Blog and a social media strategist. In the video below both of his passions -events and social media- meet to give an important advice to conference organizers:

You don’t need more social media tools, you just need to use those that really matter [for your audience].

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